Learning Improv in St. Pete/Tampa

For learning improv in St. Pete/Tampa, please peruse our available classes above.


Matt Walker is an improviser/comedian/actor with extensive performance and teaching experience across the country. He has performed at DCM, Third Coast Comedy Fest, BCAF, Sarasota Improv Festival, PBIF, Countdown and more. He cut his teeth at iO West, Second City, The Pack, Impro Theater, Nerdist School, and UCBLA. He has a strong sense of game and challenges students with scenic play.


Geoffrey Fella is an improviser with over a decade of experience directing, performing, and teaching improv in both the US and Asia. He has participated in numerous festivals across the country, including the Chicago Improv Festival, Countdown, and more. He offers workshops focused on team dynamics, pacing, and finding joy in improv.


The "RES" of Wallares, Christian is a veteran improviser who has been performing all over the country. His unique voice shines acts as the voice of reason to the audience. A gifted grounder of the wild, and wild gifter against the grounded. His specialities lie in freestyle rap, short-form, and bit-centric game.